We Had An AI Write An Article About Technology, And It's Going To Change The World

TECHNOLOGY | September 17th, 2019 12:47 PM

We prompted the GPT-2 language model with the word “technology” in hopes of discovering meaningful insight that only an artificial mind could produce. The following two paragraphs are the result.

Technologies make relatively few assumptions about what will happen in the world's institutions. We do not underestimate the costs and damage which depend on these assumptions. The second question tackles whether institutions, who have traditionally focussed little on speculative financial markets, are effectively taking on risks now, by disappears. The question of how they would behave today whether they the solved is speculative would also answer with some questions about how institutions are managing realized capital, including:

How are they disposing of their legislation, as they should? Technological progress has brought much without returns. The efficiency of institutions has been underscored. Much of the regulations now are not designed for solving problems in one plane of business – market economies. The efficient utilization of technology seems to be largely underexposed. The technological role of technical institutions is that major funding institutions such as ones in high economic activity such as finance, engineering and biology take on risks that ultimately do catastrophic damage to the institutions. Institutions often move from speculative sector to speculative sector. The imminent removal of these risks have led to budgetary distortion. In recent history, nearly all multi Sector sector financial institutions have had to recoup deficits to solve the under-investment and still need further regulatory work, particularly in the finance sector.

Simply amazing. We can only sit and wait to see the no-doubt miraculous impact these two paragraphs will have on our pitiful human society.

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