Today's Televisions Trending Toward Tiny

LIFESTYLE | November 4th, 2019 5:55 PM

In today’s fast-paced, eat-or-be-eaten, what’s-the-next-new-thing-because-I’m-bored-of-what-I-currently-have society, you may miss the latest fashion if you just happen to wake up a little late because you couldn’t stop watching plastic extrusion videos on YouTube, and technological trends are no different. In an unforeseen development and in contrast to cell phones, which first shrank as small as my sausage fingers could handle, then began to balloon until I could use them effectively with actual bratwursts; televisions, which have been steadily increasing in size over the years, have begun diminishing to a near atomic level.

At first, it might seem counterintuitive that a medium whose content is intended to be consumed visually should adopt a design which inherently impairs its ability to be seen, but there are a number of reasons why the tiny TV is gaining popularity. As the average time American workers spend at a single company decreases, people are more frequently required to move in order to find work, and smaller TVs are just easier to move across the country. Tiny TVs are being marketed toward bulk purchases and interconnectability, allowing you to enjoy your programming from all the rooms in your house.

On a personal level, I believe that most people don’t have a face that I want to see in Ultra HD anyway; it’s just disgusting. Plus I only end up putting on reruns of The Office while I’m rearranging my collection of prop movie money or trying to teach my cat how to answer the door, so I don’t really end up actually watching the TV as it is. That being said, I am excited to pick up a few of the tiny TVs, so that I can finally have the coveted hallway and crawlspace TVs my grandparents could only dream of.

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