New iPhone Shatters If Used As A Hammer

TECHNOLOGY | February 2nd, 2015 3:47 PM

Over the past few months, reports of the new Apple iPhone's frailty have been circulating through the media. Supposedly, the smart phone has taken the "light and thin" mentality just a little too far. People have reportedly been able to bend--and permanently damage--the phone by hand. Others claim similar damages can occur just from carrying the phone in the pocket of their stylishly-tight jeans. While these reports seem incriminating, there are also those who label them as exaggerations and say that the damage could be easily avoided by more cautious consumers. However true that may be, new evidence has surfaced proving how fragile the iPhone 6 really is.

These new reports are claiming the iPhone actually shatters if used as a hammer. No matter what kind of nail is used or what home improvement project is being undertaken, the phone's screen simply cannot withstand the force involved in this commonplace activity. In response to defenders of the phone, who say it shouldn't be used in such a manner, local Apple customer Preston Puids said, "This is ridiculous! When I buy a five hundred dollar piece of intricate technology, I want to be able to use it to finish my roof!"

In addition to the iPhone's inadequacy when used specifically as a hammer, the phone has apparently shown an inability to endure other everyday impacts, including being thrown against a hard surface from an average usage height. Mother of three, Nora Ommi, had this to say to those behind the iPhone's shoddy engineering: "Are we expected to change how we act? Our basic human nature? One minute you're playing Angry Birds: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, and the next minute you sneeze and launch your Katniss bird backward. Are you supposed to just NOT spike a delicate piece of ingenuity onto the hard tile floor of the Chic-fil-A bathroom? I think our forefathers envisioned something a little different."

Whether you choose to believe these reports is up to you, but the evidence seems to be stacking up against the tech giant's latest product. And while the Apple iPhone 6 can't hold its own, I do recommend picking up a Samsung Galaxy S5 if you're planning any masonry projects.

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