Childhood Aspirations Too Similar

LIFESTYLE | November 28th, 2014 2:12 PM

Numerous studies conducted across the nation over the past few decades have revealed that more and more young adults entering the workforce are achieving their childhood dream careers. While this is great news about the modern child's ability to stick to one goal and follow through with their pursuits, it has led to an overcrowding of individuals trained for specific jobs. So many young adults are finishing school with the qualifications to become firefighters, police officers, and astronauts that they are having trouble finding a job due to the rising competition in their fields. Meanwhile, employers of other less glorious fields such as accounting, plumbing, and property management are in desperate search for workers.

A solution promoted by Congress is that elementary schools across the nation focus on the glamorization of different career paths starting at a very young age. Each school would have their own curriculum unique to the other schools in the area, promoting separate lines of work to hopefully inspire young children to eventually grow up and work in certain unpopular fields. This proposal not only aims to fill many much needed job positions across the country that are lacking properly trained workers, but it also aims to fill the positions with enthusiastic, fulfilled young adults who are happy and proud of their self-chosen career goals that they were able to reach. More jobs would be filled with employees that are passionate about their work rather than sad drones reluctantly doing what no one else wanted to do just for enough money to survive.

Many schools will retain promotion of already popular childhood career ideas such as "person that digs for dinosaur bones", "robot builder", and "secret ninja spy", while equal amounts of schools will promote new job opportunities as glamorous positions such as "person that comes in to install cable and internet", "factory security guard", and "janitor at local parks department who gets to go around and clean all of the port-a-potties".

92% of adult Americans already in the workforce and therefore not directly affected by this proposal strongly support it. The other 8% are pretending that they care more about their child's freedom of non-manipulated choice rather than the stability of the workforce and economy of our great nation.

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