Aspiring Actor Leaks His Own Nude Photos

ENTERTAINMENT | November 30th, 2014 1:12 PM

After an eight-month dry spell of not even landing a single audition, aspiring actor Sam Buds leaked his own nude photos in a desperate attempt for publicity. The forty-three year old theater major that never quite got his degree hasn't made it past an audition since he landed the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in a local elementary school's rendition of "A Christmas Carol". This controversial role resulted in backlash from many critics who voiced opinions such as, "My son should have gotten that part! Why is this random old guy in an elementary school play anyway?" His previous brush with fame from portraying the role of "Night Janitor #2" in an episode of the short lived TV police drama Too Much Crime was completely overshadowed by his poor reviews in "A Christmas Carol."

Noticing the recent uproar and media coverage dealing with celebrities' personal nude photographs somehow becoming exposed on the internet, Buds thought he had found a way to finally make his way into the limelight. After making a new Twitter account in an attempt to hide his identity, he uploaded an image taken with his cellphone of himself standing completely naked in front of the mirror in his bathroom. Along with the explicit photograph he wrote the caption "Wow! Extremely famous and talented actor SAM BUDS sexy nude photos leaked by jealous and also sexy ex-girlfriend!" He also attached a multitude of the website's most popular trending hashtags to get the post seen by as many Tweeters as possible.

Unfortunately for Buds, this pathetic last-ditch attempt for fame only received nine "favorites" and three replies: "Lmao who the [expletive] is this old fat dude??", "That's disgusting wtf", and "Ew". Surprisingly, his unusual publicity stunt did help him land one new audition. However, the "audition" turned out to be a group of teenagers who put out a fake ad on Craigslist just to see if they could find the pitiful, old man responsible for the "funniest tweet [they had] ever seen". When Buds arrived at the address from the ad he was confused to see a small home in a suburban cul-de-sac instead of a movie studio, but he was obviously desperate enough at this point to go inside. The four teenagers responsible for the ad immediately began laughing and taking pictures when the aspiring actor entered the home.

We have not heard any more recent updates about Sam Buds' acting attempts or career choices, but he has reportedly been seen crying in his car behind a local Arby's on multiple occasions.

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